Pro-Bolt Titanium Banjo Bolt Single Race Spec

Price MSRP: $18.00

Products Description

Titanium Banjo Bolt Single M10 x (1.25mm) Race Spec

Titanium Banjo Bolt Single M10 x (1.00mm) Race Spec

This Race-Spec design is pre-drilled on all the flats to allow for ease of lock wiring.
We recommend these are fitted dry to avoid brake fluid contamination.
They are also supplied with copper washers.

For those who value real attention to detail, Black Titanium Race Spec Banjo Bolts! Supplied here in a long lasting finish resulting from an application of Diamond Like Coating (DLC).
This unique finish increases the fastener lifetime and helps to prevent galling whilst providing a supreme hardness and offering the optimum in corrosion resistance thanks to a nanocomposite coating